#TechWatchbySeb — Weekly issue #12 — The SPAC fever— 22nd Feb 2021

#TechWatchbySeb — Weekly issue #12 — The SPAC fever— 22nd Feb 2021

The SPAC Fever

Feb 22nd 2021

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Back in December 2020, I published a #TechWatchbySeb and introduced it: “SPACs are invading Europe”. At that time it was just about a few operations involving European players. But since then… we can see an incredible hype with those Special Purpose company, so-called SPAC.

And this trend, which started in the US back in 2019, is accelerating in Europe. Only within the last week, we’ve seen 3 major operations worth $700M (and probably others that I haven't covered) :

This is just a snapshot of opportunities I’ve seen recently but a lot more should come…

With the expansion of European Tech companies, it will be a great opportunity for some companies to get listed easily and with this bullish market an opportunity for Investors to get a nice return. However, to make this system work, the market needs to be very bullish, as it is today. But how long will it stay like this ? and How those SPAC would value when the market will start a correction? because one day it will.

Many questions but only time will tell…


🥇 Acquisition of Humio for $400M

The US-listed company Crowdstrike has announced the acquisition of the Danish-British 🇩🇰 🇬🇧 log management software company Humio for a total of around $400 million.

🥈Carzoo planning to go public with a $8Bn Valuation

The online car retailer Cazoo 🇬🇧, founded by one of Britain’s best-known technology entrepreneurs, is planning for a SPAC merger to get listed with a targeted valuation well over £5bn.

🥉 New fund of $242M to finance Emerging Europe companies

Earlybird Digital East Fund has launched a new fund of $242 million with a focus on financing seed and Series-A in “Emerging Europan Companies” (Baltics to Central and Eastern Europe, and Turkey).

That’s it for this week, wishing you a great week ahead🖐

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